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Car Fast Cash – Practicing Mindfulness & Appreciation

Car Fast Cash believes in practicing mindfulness and appreciating people for whom they are.

My personal story in the used car industry began in my late teens, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. My name is Derek Emery, and I started in this industry when I took a year off from college. I moved from my native Maryland to California. I started selling Toyota vehicles at the age of 19 and I really liked it. I met many people from many backgrounds and enjoyed the human aspect of it. Returning to Maryland to graduate from college, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. I became a new car auto broker. As a poor student, I supported myself by helping friends, family members, and referrals negotiate the price of new vehicles. I was good at it.


When I graduated from college, I moved back to Los Angeles and started selling Nissan vehicles. I was soon promoted to Used Car Manager at the age of 23. At that time, I was the youngest used car manager for a franchised car dealer in the country. Most managers in my position were double or triple my age. Learning from more experienced mentors in the automotive vehicle industry, I soon mastered the complex process of buying and selling used vehicles. I had the fastest sale (inventory turnover) rate in the industry.

Effectively operating a Nissan dealership that was extremely profitable for seven years, I eventually stepped out on my own. I built Car Fast Cash from the ground up to serve the many communities in Southern California. I’ve never looked back. 

I take pride in what Car Fast Cash has undoubtedly become. There are many unique situations that people find themselves in. Our car buying service is here to help. Some people experience financial stress (which I completely comprehend). Other times, people just own a car that has been sitting in their driveway for far too long. In the years devoted to the used car industry, I learned a lot about human nature, empathizing with people’s personal situations. There have been many stories, some great and some terribly sad stories. But in all my years in this industry, I still enjoy what I do. Talking to people and getting to know them remains a passion.

I look forward to helping you to sell your car. Car Fast Cash really can help you feel better about any situation you find yourself in. We are mindful and appreciate people for whom they are. Give us a call.

Derek Emery, CEO