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Where Can I Sell My Car in Kern County?

The Cities of Kern County are far and in between. When you have a financial dilemma on your shoulders that is causing you stress, selling your car can solve your problem. Finding a professional car buying service can be a bit overwhelming. There are many services out there that do not use car industry resources, giving you untrue quotes and a lot of “hooey.” We don’t recommend riding around the County looking for who is going to buy your car at a fair price. This will only ad to the stress you already have, mileage and gas cost. We have a better solution.

Our car buying service, Car Fast Cash makes it easy to sell your car. We are located in the 11 cities of the County. Find us in Arvin, Delano, Ridgecrest and all in between. We are in Taft, McFarland and Wasco. Car Fast Cash is found on the east, west, north and south of Kern County. Our car buyers have over 25 years of experience. They work with all car brands and car models built after 1999. You get easy cash is 20 minutes. Find Car Fast Cash in any city below.

Top 8 Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice to Sell Your Car to?

  1. We offer the most cash for your used car.
  2. We are quick: the process of selling your car to us takes 20 mins.
  3. We use car industry resources to evaluate the market value of your car.
  4. We take care of all the DMV paperwork, any missing paperwork, DMV long lines & smog checks
  5. We are experts, over 25 years of experience in the used car industry.
  6. We tow away the car.
  7. We are professional, courteous, sympathetic.

Best of all, we understand your need to sell a car. We’ve been there!


Click your city of residence, employment or where you would like one of our car buyers to meet with you. Fill out the Vehicle Appraisal Form to the right of your city page. One of our professional car buyers will assess your vehicle information. They use the most up to date automobile resources available like Kelley Blue Book and others to assure you get the highest market value. Any information you can provide will help our car appraisers give you the best price. If there is something special about your car, don’t forget to mention it. Let us know about any mechanical problems, past due smog checks, or missing paperwork. This will not affect your quote, but it helps our car buyers with logistical plans. Your quote will be ready in less than 20 minutes. Click now!
Five Fun Facts About the County of Kern:

  1. The flatlands of Kern were inhospitable due to swamps, tule reeds and malaria.
  2. Kern County gets its name from Edward Kern, cartographer from 1845.
  3. Bakersfield “Sound” is associated with Korn, Merle Haggard, DJ Flash, Adema and Buck Owens.
  4. San Lynn Ballpark is the only baseball stadium in the US that faces West. Good for eye-ball coordination.
  5. “The Whole Village Raises a Child” applies here, there are 54 parks and a conservative approach to raising a child.