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Canyon Lake, named after the reservoir and whose motto is “A Little Bit of Paradise” is a gated community with a retreat type of feel. With residents so diverse in age, the city planning commission makes sure to include all residents’ style of living. Canyon Lake is inclusive with residents able to walk to their nearest store, restaurant or service. Folks living here don’t really need a car. If needed, residents can travel via public transportation on the Riverside Transit (Dial-A-Ride is a great way for seniors or ADA riders to travel) outside of the gated community. But inside, residents can walk to Sports Stop Pub & Grill or Canyon Lake Market for shopping or for work.

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About Canyon Lake, California

Canyon Lake is a city and gated community on Canyon Lake reservoir, located in western Riverside County, California, United States.

It is one of five gated incorporated cities currently in California, Canyon Lake began as a master-planned community developed by Corona Land Company in 1968.

The “City of Canyon Lake” was incorporated on December 1, 1990. Railroad Canyon Dam was built in 1927, and impounds the San Jacinto River to fill the reservoir, which covers 383 acres (1.55 km2) and has 14.9 miles (24.0 km) of shoreline.

Source: Canyon Lake on Wikipedia

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