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Where Can I Sell My Car in Santa Barbara County?

The County of Santa Barbara, or as some people say “the American Riviera” features beautiful homes, culture, tourism, the beaches and wine making. A grand county to live in. When it comes time to sell your car because maybe you need the cash, don’t feel overwhelmed. There are many car selling services out there. Who should you pick? Who can you trust? Car Fast Cash has 25+ years experience in the used car industry. We are located in 24 cities of Santa Barbara County. You can sell your car to Car Fast Cash in any city found below.

Top 8 Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice to Sell Your Car to?

  1. We offer the most cash for your used car.
  2. We are quick: the process of selling your car to us takes 20 mins.
  3. We use car industry resources to evaluate the market value of your car.
  4. We take care of all the DMV paperwork, any missing paperwork, DMV long lines & smog checks
  5. We are experts, over 25 years of experience in the used car industry.
  6. We tow away the car.
  7. We are professional, courteous, sympathetic.

Best of all, we understand your need to sell a car. We’ve been there!


Click your city of residence, employment or where you would like one of our car buyers to meet with you below. Fill out the Vehicle Appraisal Form to the right of your city page. One of our professional car buyers will respond quickly. Click now!

Five Fun Facts About the County of Santa Barbara:

  1. Motel 6 was founded in Santa Barbara by two contractors who charged $6 per night, inspiring the name.
  2. Santa Barbara was founded on on a high seismic zone, Ventura-Pitas Point fault.
  3. Santa Barbara is known as “Hollywood of the North” as hundreds of films were born in this county.
  4. The first Europeans to visit Santa Barbara were from Portugal, in 1542. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.
  5. The least stressed people in the United States, residents in this county have a chill lifestyle.