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“I need to sell my car and I am from Cuyama, located in Santa Barbara County in the flat valley!” The very small community of Cuyama can count on Car Fast Cash, a professional car buying service who will sell your car for cash.

A small city with a very small population, Cuyama, is not very well known. The folks that live in Cuyama support themselves through horseback riding and by working in oil drilling. There are mountain lions, bears and rattlesnakes. Even with a harsh environment, Car Fast Cash is ever so present, helping this community time and time again, even with rattlesnakes slithering around.

If you want to sell your car quickly because you need the cash, Car Fast Cash in Cuyama can help you. Use the cash for the things that really matter to you, like repairing the roof on your ranch or an equine bill. If selling your car is a priority, please contact us today. The staff at Car Fast Cash are experts in this industry and will help you sell your car fast.

Car Fast Cash in Cuyama

Car Fast Cash in Cuyama specializes in cash for cars, offering you the most money for your vehicle. We buy cars at highly competitive prices because we know how important it is for you to get top dollar for your used car. Conveniently located in Santa Barbara County, Car Fast Cash works with a large network of car experts including auction houses, auto brokers, car lease agents, and licensed car dealers. Because of our affiliations with these car companies, we can offer you the most money for your car. “I need to sell my 4×4 pickup truck!” No problem, we got you covered. We are interested in all car brands and car models produced after 1999. We will tow away your GMC Sierra, Ford F-150, Ram 1500, Chevy Silverado, and Toyota Tundra trucks. Give us a call, you won’t be disappointed!

“Wait, if I sell my car in Cuyama, I don’t want to go to the Santa Maria DMV because I don’t want to drive that far.” You won’t have to! Car Fast Cash deals with the headaches of dealing with all DMVs no matter where the location. All you will be doing is collecting the money for your used vehicle. Car Fast Cash will take care of the logistical headaches, paperwork, and lengthy lines. Give us a call – get more with less work.

About Cuyama, California

Cuyama /kwiːˈjɑːmə/ (Chumash: Kuyam, “To Rest, To Wait”) is a census-designated place in Santa Barbara County. California. It is located in the Cuyama Valley, near the Carrizo Plain. The Cuyama River runs adjacent to the town, flowing west towards the Pacific Ocean. Cuyama is surrounded by many apricot, peach, and plum orchards. The ZIP Code is 93254, and the community is inside area code 805. The population was 57 at the 2010 census. The name “Cuyama” comes from an Indian village named for the Chumash word kuyam, meaning “clam” or “freshwater mollusk”.

Cuyama is located on California State Route 166 2.5 miles (4 km) east of its much larger neighbor New Cuyama.

South of the town is the Sierra Madre mountain range, most of which is included in the Los Padres National Forest. Considerable oil and gas development has taken place at the South Cuyama Oil Field in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, just south of Cuyama and adjacent New Cuyama. In July 2005, 52,000 acres (210 km2) in Los Padres National Forest, mostly in the region immediately south of Cuyama, was opened up to further development by the National Forest Service.

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